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The Gaff Family

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Fraedrich Wedding

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Gatlinburg Tennessee

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Forestview Prom 2013

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The Herman Family

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2013 Miss North Gaston Contestant Headshots

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Miss North Gaston '12

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WC Friday Chorus 2012 - Directed by Heather Pasour

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The Blue Eyed Brunette..... that's me, Michelle Ledford! I cherish my personal uniqueness and individuality and strive to bring that to my photography. I feel that it is imperative that I capture the personality of each individual I photograph, capturing that moment in time. I have a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of NC at Charlotte and graduated from Barbizon School of Modeling. It is because of my life experiences of being a former titleholder and model plus my love of people watching and photography that has led me to specialize in special occasions, pageantry, theatrical productions, families, children and nature photography. Feel free to contact me to arrange a session, request me to come to your event, inquire about different package pricing etc. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 704-729-6400. Thanks for visiting my site!